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Simone Muench's Poetry

From the Frankenstein Sonnets by Simone Muench & Dean Rader


I think; where from and bound, I wonder, where

I think; where from and bound, I wonder, where
and who and when and which, and I would stitch
thunder to air, to blue, to the wound star
of you; I know the sound of clutch and glitch,
gash and gone. The carmine charm of open
mouths, rose clouds. I wound; the body’s coil spring
is both rupture and rapture—a woven
sack of loss and plasma, a suturing


of sky to skull, of cloud to eye, and I
shall ring the loud bell of these bones as one
who owns the wings and knows the way to fly
beyond this body’s sad anatomy. When
wind enters me as though closing a door,
I am the frame, the flaw, the sky, and the scar.


First published in Handsome Journal