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Howard Austin


When Mother and I are lonely,
And dream of yesterday;
When chilling winds of winter
Dispel the warmth of May;
Our children dear pass in review,
As swift our mem'ries come;
When long ago we vigil kept
'Til the kids came home.


We see their schooldays, restless feet
Would carry them afar;
But homing instinct's charted course--
And naught was there to mar.
The homeward trail will ever point
For those who blithely roam
To sacred goal of waiting hearts;
'Til the kids come home.


Within our arms' Protecting shield
They grew from then to now;
Their loving hearts in quick response
Our future does endow
With faith and hope, abiding love,
Wher'er their footsteps roam;
For this they know, "We'll waiting be
'Til the kids come home."


Those days are gone, yet still we strive
To nurture and protect;
A parent's ways mysterious,
And naught will e'er deflect
The urge to shield, interference run,
Help meet the trials that come,
And waiting with expectant hearts
'Til the kids come home.


And now, adults are here today,
Partake of kindred joys;
For Mother and me they're babies still,
Our little girl and boys.
And in our hearts reflected there
The precious gifts we've won:
Forever we will watch and wait
'Til the kids come home.


And now, at this glad Christmas hour
When bells are ringing clear;
And here all snug within our hearts
Are those whom we hold dear.
We thank Almighty God that none
Are 'cross the ocean's foam;
But in our arms and in our hearts,
For our kids came home.


Then Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men,
The Guiding Star above;
The pulsing throb of happy hearts,
The soul inspiring love
Enfolds us with its warming fire,
All doubts and fears are gone;
'Tis joyous, happy Christmas Time,
For the kids came home.


The years are fleeing faster now
For Mother and for me;
We see the smiles of those we love
Around this shrine, this tree:
And hopes are springing in our hearts,
As seeds in fertile loam;
And ne'er we'll wither, fade and die
'Til our kids come home.


But when our years come to their close
And earthly life is done;
And when the score is entered--
Defeats and vic'tries won;
Then just inside of Heaven's gate,
'Neath that Eternal Dome;
We'll watch and wait with yearning hearts,
'Til our kids come home.



By: Howard B. Austin